A few words about TF8

TransFigurEight or Transfigureight is the private studio project of Youssef Alaoui, a writer from Seattle, Oakland, and currently San Luis Obispo area. His studio has followed him since the first tall bed he created in his tiny loft on Capitol hill in Seattle. Since the noise requirements were different from his old abode in Tempe Arizona, the rules for the new tiny studio under his bed were the following: no drum kit, no cymbals, no huge electric guitar rig, use only hand-held acoustic instruments. Some stock loops and keyboard sounds were added later to the original tracks, but the goal was to get a full sound from hand-held instruments only. Today, a similar tiny studio sits in the (two car) garage.
In the tracks of TF8 you will hear doumbek, acoustic bass, tambourine, acoustic guitar of course, cajon drum, toy piano, kalimba, and cello (played by guests and some by TF8). Software instruments make their appearance as well.
What is the sound of TF8? How would one describe it? Transfigureight goes from junked out blues to smooth layers and then into improvised synth tracks in the bat of an eye. TF8 is whatever comes to mind, whatever riff or scrap. Anything remotely engaging can start off a song, then the layers build from there. Guests are invited to attend recording sessions. Mostly acoustic guitar folk music, but with rock bass lines behind it, sometimes a sarcastic drum machine. The poem usually comes first.

TF8 studios has lent a helping hand to SLO’s US Ghostal Service many times

Transfigureight is primarily a POEM set to {ACOUSTIC} MUSIC. That’s basically it. The songs come out of whatever acoustic strumming happens and the tracks are laid down before the poem is considered... most of the time. We reserve the right to change up our sound, inspiration and modality at any juncture. Yes that is me creating all the awesome graphics and videos also. We will be offering T-shirts of our graphics soon so yayyy you have that to look forward to as well.